Tuesday, January 31, 2017

15 minutes is no where near enough time to choose just one person that I would spend my time with, but, I do have a top five. In those four it would be Tupac, J. Cole, Nas, Ricky Williams, and Al Capone . I chose these five because I feel like we have similar views on the world, coming from similar yet different places in the world. These five men have influenced my life tremendously, by giving me advice through a code that most wouldn't understand. I know most would think this is a pretty strange combination, but to them I say, these men offer themselves and no one else, not trying to impress, being different yet similar but in very different ways.
These men are so different but I feel like I have a lot of their qualities. I feel like Me, Tupac and Nas share that same edgy, aggressiveness due to experiences causing us not to trust and always question things that most people wouldn't. In these guys music they portray tough lives, and plenty of trials and tribulations yet, they over came and paint beautiful, imagery through their semantics and wordplay. Me and J. Cole share a different way of thinking you see, we can have nothing and still be satisfied because we´ve seen the other side and realized that the average american dream isn't for everyone. Me and Ricky Williams share social anxiety and a love for football that runs deep enough to make us sacrifice our time and bodies. Ricky and I think a lot a like, one day I heard Ricky say something along these lines, ¨ The day football becomes a job ill hang my cleats up.¨ and that is exactly how feel. Last but certainly not least the notorious Al Capone. Me and Mr. Capone get a bad rep for a past that seems to be stuck to us, its a rep that´s hard as shaking a shadow but don´t get us confused we ain´t no killers but don´t push us, we definitely both are business men and very serious men, we stand out from any angle, meaning we are from the very respected few. We´ve seen a lot but never let that change our mission. Me and Mr. Capone stick to what we believe in and get it done, and will always be respected through our leadership and ability to make moves by ourselves.

These gentlemen are the guys I´d choose to spend my fifteen minutes with to seek information, advice, truth, new people to confide in that I see a little of my self in. I´d sit and ask as much as I can and try to fit it into fifteen minutes. My note pad would be filled cover to cover with questions and annotations ready to learn.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016 was definitely a year to remember, I learned so much, so many new experiences and opportunities, tons of ups with the same amount of failures, I don´t really know how I made it through. I can´t believe a whole year has past in what seems like the blink of an eye. Personally I don´t really believe 2016 was the best year for me,but, I´m ready for something new, new goals, new ambitions, ready to get what I feel like I deserve, things I feel like I´ve been missing, I´m ready to capitalize on each opportunity in 2017.     (100)

Going into a new year I plan on learning from every mistake from previous years, paying more attention to things, and making better decisions, really working towards being a better over all person but at the same time being more selfish and not worrying about others as much. Going into 2017 thinking of so many ways to make this year rock but I know all it will take is simple things like putting my self in better positions to be successful whether that involves me losing friends, slowing down or quitting on hobbies of mine so that I can completely flip this year and make this year the best ever for me. (209)

My goals for the new year will be to get back on track in school, separate myself from negativity and focusing on what I want to do which is to accept a football scholarship from a division 1 school and further my education, and advance on this journey to play football, and with the right people around me I feel like these things are in reach. The words Tunnel Vision is what I will live by until these things are achieved. I can already tell 2017 will be a year for the history books, and by the grace of god, hard work, and relentless effort my goals will be achieved.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My race has shaped my reality very much, Being from a black, lower middle class back ground living with my grandparents, with over fifteen relatives in one house I got to see first hand love for one another. I got to see different peoples views, boy, girl, women, and men and most of all, a shared struggle. Going through the struggles of the world I've been a lot of places which leads me to meet lots of different people and have lots of different conversations. Being African American and having a African American family we have our beliefs and views on society that we feel are accurate and we feel because this is what we've seen regularly. The way I view the world the world came from things I've seen first hand, like People going without because they have no other. People like me from places like I'm from usually have similar experiences, we usually feel as if " we all we go", so outsiders get no chance getting in mainly because of things we constantly relive in our brains, memories of us seeing people who struggle get what they need in dishonorable ways which is why trust isn't something easily gotten[201]. My reality is that as a young black male from a bad place I know that I can exceed the expectations that are set, but being young, black, and impoverished the obstacles for me are at an all time high. My reality consists of success, distraction, debt, prison, and death with many more options to pick from.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How influential is your community in creating your reality.

Growing up in a area where crime is necessary definitely gave me a raw outlook and and the tendency to look over my shoulder as I go on in life. The mind set of the people from my neighborhood is usually all for themselves and they will do anything to get what they want, even if it isn't the right thing. My cities are not terrible places but lack of support to the youths can be horrible for the mind. Board-om strikes when there is nothing to do that is affordable and beneficial available to us which leads us to have nothing but each other. My reality is a lot different from your average sixteen year old male. My reality is that Things are very difficult for people around me and i´d like to help but sometimes its hard for me as well. I have seen so much growing up in my community my initial reaction to meeting new people is usually different whether that is because i have witnessed people switch up on people they once called their best friends or even worse, their own family, so me personally, I don´t know what peoples motives are so i feel like I move a little differently than others especially when it comes to relationships. I live in a world where dealing with reality is frightening to a lot of people, I live where you have to ¨ get it how you live, or go broke¨, where closed mouths don´t eat and you have to grind to get what you want. I think my community has opened my eyes so wide that I can tell good from evil from a mile away. My neighborhoods shaped me into being the person I am today and I am thankful for that.